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4 Reasons You Are Struggling to Get Sustainable Sales on Amazon

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Struggling to get sustainable sales on Amazon is a common concern for beginner sellers. If you are new to the Amazon selling world, you need to watch this FREE video on how these Here are four reasons why you aren’t getting sales & how to fix it.

If you’ve started your Amazon business but are struggling to get sustainable sales, here are four reasons why and what to do to achieve the goals you desire. 

#1: You have to know your ideal client and focus on marketing to them.

Writing your listing like a manufacturer doesn’t promote a real life experience or an emotional benefit, the two main reasons a customer buys. Be your ideal client and write your listing like you are talking to a friend. 

#2: People don’t really know what their main keyword is.

You need a ranked main keyword, otherwise people won’t find you. What is a main keyword? It’s the word your customers will use to find your product and it’s usually the most simple. If you are selling a red pen, that’s your main keyword, “red pen.”

#3: People don’t invest in a launch and just rely on one trick.

A proper launch involves knowing your objectives, sale price and target sales. Everything you do is to reach that sales target. 

People don’t use metrics to understand the levers of growth in your business.

Amazon is one of the few places that provides instant metrics for your business. You can see how many people are looking at your listing and your conversion rate, how many visitors are actually buying. A strong conversion rate is anything over 20%. The more people visit your listing, the more you’ll convert and, therefore, the more you’ll sell.

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